Nutresa ahorrapp





The challenge

Nutresa, a $3 billion food processing conglomerate, approached Joonik for help with its customer loyalty application. After 10 months of design and development, the company had launched its loyalty app and discovered numerous performance problems. The team needed our input on how to iron out these issues, quickly, as they were receiving all kinds of customer complaints.

Joonik reviewed the app’s code and performed numerous tests; and concluded that this app had severe fundamental problems and was never going to work. The app was built on an emulator and the back-end was not structured to communicate properly with it. There were no web services, while generic documentation and data were flowing without any size optimization. Also, the user interface was not user-friendly and did not convey the company’s image.

Nutresa had invested heavily in development work and marketing activities around this app. Hence, the company was hesitant to go forward with Joonik’s recommendation of developing a new app; but realized this was the correct solution. Nutresa gave Joonik 12 weeks to redesign and rebuild the entire system from the ground up.



the process

Joonik pulled together a team of senior designers and engineers to build two versions of the app (iOS and Android), a call-center control system and an administrative/reporting site.

To meet the aggressive deadlines, Joonik’s design team prepared the app’s graphical user interface in one week, which received positive reviews from the customer. Meanwhile, our mobile team used a native development environment to optimize camera and image settings. This dramatically reduced data usage from phones and servers (from 2MB to 30KB).

Our back-end team built an efficient API to handle the expected initial volume of 20,000 customers. This API was balanced to rationalize the server load and leverage the mobile clients’ capabilities.

The Result


the result

The new apps received great reviews both from Nutresa’s customers and employees. The development cycle lasted 12 weeks and the first app was loaded on the app store within 10 weeks.

Furthermore, the server maintenance costs went down by 97.5%. Data consumption on the server and user phones was also lowered more than 95%. More importantly, Nutresa finally had a powerful loyalty platform that reflected their care for customers and quality.

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